MY 2012

This year is going to be very life changing for me and I want to make sure I blog it as much as I can.

365 Day Challenge, day three: 4/8/2012

Day 3: what you think your reason for being here is

I feel like everyone is set on this earth for a reason. But I’ve never actually sat down and taken the time to write out what I think might be my reason for being here. I mean, some people are here to save peoples lives, some people are here to plant flowers and trees, and some well, they just live their lives freely as can be as they choose to. But for me, right now, I’m just an average 18, (almost 19 in one hour) teenager, whos barely started living life and has a long way to go. I just handed in my twoweeks to my current job at mcdonalds, so I know i was not ment to work there for the rest of my life. Right now I feel like I was put on this earth to be myself, and just live. To live, and to be happy. And right now, being happy is probably the biggest thing on my list of things to accomplish that Im working on. I know that my reason for being here, is because two people loved eachother and I was chosen from that. I know that I was ment to love, and ment to be loved, and right now I am doing both of those. I know that I am ment to get married one day, and start a family of my own. Im here to be who I am, and live it day to day, because right now I am not entirely sure as to what my future may hold.

365 Day Challenge, day two: 4/7/2012

Day 2: something that’s illegal but you think it should be legal

First and formost I would like to say that governments make things legal or illegal for one reason or another. Whether or not I agree or disagree with said reason is a whole nother story. In general, I am not a person to spend time blibbler blabbling on about things that I think should be made legal, specially not marijuana. BUT after pondering for a few minutes about what I think should be made illegal, and talking to my bestfriend, I came to realize that there are two things that really bug me: people who deserve capital punishment after all I believe that if you have the nerve to kill, you shall receive in return, but dont receive because of law. Second would be gay marriage. I am a firm believer to be who you are no matter your sexual orientation, and althought some places do allow gay marriage, I believe that gay marriage SHOULD be a universal thing. With that being said, I dont feel the need to say much more. Day two, complete.

tata, erica.

365 Day Challenge, day one: 4/6/2012


Well I havent exactly posted much of much lately. I tend to come on and reblog things based on how Im feeling that day or what not. SO Ive decided that in order to get back into the swing of things that Im going to do a 365 day challenge to keep my blogging skillz up, and to see how far Ive come in 365 days - after all, THIS IS MY 2012!

Day one: hopes, dreams, plans for the next 365 days with a picture of yourself.

I know that in the next 365 my life is going to be very different then it is tonight. In 26 days, almost 25 days Im moving out of my house, and moving to the USA to be with my boyfriend. I plan to be living there fully by the end of this year. I hope that things fall into place for me, which includes a new job, saving money for school, and becoming an adult. I hope that over the next 365 days that I somehow find what it is that Ive been searching for in my life. I hope that I can mature into more of an adult then I already am. I hope that my relationship with my boyfriend keeps up how amazing it is, and with work I know we can do it. I hope that my family some way, some how finds it in themselves to mature without me. I hope that they can one day, maybe not in the next 365 days, but that they can learn how to talk to eachother, and be there more for eachother, and act more as a family, and to do things more often together. I know if that happens, Ill be missing out on it, but atleast as a family they will hopefully grow stronger. I want to proove to my family, that even though Im moving 4000 miles away, that I still am apart of the family and always will be. Distance shouldnt decide and depict a family.