MY 2012

This year is going to be very life changing for me and I want to make sure I blog it as much as I can.

day nine

I am ever so happy today. I played my first 2 softball games ever in my life. Im on a co-ed team with my boyfriend, his brother, and about 4 other couples. Although I am not the best, I had alot of fun and really enjoyed it. I also sweated my ass off and ran around a bit. I got one run (got to home plate), made it to first base once, and I also hit a ball once too. And for a first timer , all that feild action made me pretty good about myself.

I also didnt eat a whole heck of alot today and i drank alot of fluids, and a few bottles of water.

I also took “before” pictures today. I plan on posting those and stats tomorrow afternoon. other then that! OVERALL GOOD DAY.

even though I am not in school, this will be a helpful reminder for packing a lunch for work!

even though I am not in school, this will be a helpful reminder for packing a lunch for work!

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its been a while…

so its been a really long while since ive blogged at all. i check tumblr daily but i guess i never share whats up! so its time to BLOGG. my 2012 is going pretty good i like to think. living with my boyfriend has been overall pretty amazing :) - no fights so its rather lovely! I mean… we’ve never even had our first fight and weve been together for almost 6 months now. makes me so happy to think that i could spend the rest of my life with this man.

tonight im just sitting back watching some tv. im kinda nervous for tomorrow because tomorrow is our first softball practice.. not to mention that ive never played softball in my life! alsooo tomorrow me and the boyfriend are going out to get paint for the bathroom because im doing a small renovation :) new theme, new paint, new fixtures. im going to be excited when it all comes together because its the first reno project that ive ever done on my own!

over all, now that we are over half way through this year i can say that im having the year of my life and i cant wait to see what the rest of the year has to hold.

(goal: blog most days)